Willamette River Floods Bike Paths

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EUGENE, Ore. — The Willamette River in Eugene poured onto walking and bicycle paths Saturday night and Sunday morning as levels rose from 15 feet to nearly 18 feet.

A part of the East River Path between the Owasso Bridge and the Beltline in Eugene was completely flooded, sending cyclists and pedestrians the other way but, they say a little rain and some flooding isn’t going to stop them from getting to where they need to go. It just might take a little longer to get there.

“We were going to change our direction. Usually, we walk to the left of the path over by the river but that was impossible because the river has changed its course dramatically,” said Rozlyn Rouse, a Eugene resident.

Pedestrians and cyclists also say it isn’t uncommon for this part of the path to flood and they expect it to be accessible again within the next week. They also say there was a significant amount of flooding at Alton Baker Park.

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