Willamette Stationers Closing

EUGENE, Ore. — A stationery shop that’s been in Eugene for more than 60 years will soon close its doors.

The family-owned store Willamette Stationers first opened in 1951 at the corner of Broadway and Oak and then moved to the corner of Fifth Avenue and Oak Street 15 years later.

Vice President of Sales and Marketing Maxine Walton says about a year ago the store was notified by the two remaining national office product wholesalers their prices were going up. She says it was a heavy blow, and it’s going to be difficult to say goodbye.

“We’ve had people tell us, you know, when they first came in the store years ago it was with their parent or it was with a grandparent. Or one lady the other day told me when she first started shopping with us she couldn’t see over the counters, and so a lot of really heartwarming, really special,” Walton said.

The store is holding a liquidation sale with items between 50 and 70 percent off. They expect to close the store in the next couple of months and are looking to sell the building.

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