Wind Brings Down Power Lines

1-12 power outageEUGENE, Ore. — As soon as the winds picked up this weekend, the lights went out at homes all over Lane County.

“We got our first call about a quarter to five yesterday morning. Reports of high winds, essentially tree and branch failure, some lines were taken down, cross arms were broken, things like that,” said Dave D’Avanzo, Lane Electric Cooperative spokesperson.

The first blast knocked out power to about 300 homes near Veneta and Crow, and then the storm died down. A few hours later, it was at it again.

“Around 3:30 p.m. we had another wind gusts come in, and that affected more of our Row River, Cottage Grove, Dorena Lake, Dorena Reservoir area,” said D’Avanzo.

The second wave took out power to about 350 homes. Some of those outages lasted hours. “I would say worst case yesterday was probably five or six hours, and others were a couple of hours. It obviously takes us a little time to muster the troops and get them to the site,” said D’Avanzo.

Lane Electric wasn’t the only utility company with its hands full. EPUD crews worked to restore power to around 10,000 homes. EWEB also responded to outages in Leaburg and other smaller outages throughout its coverage area.

While it took some time to restore power, many people woke up Sunday morning with their lights back on.

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