Winds Causes Tree to Fall

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SANTA CLARA, Ore. — The wind in the valley hasn’t been able to match up to that on the coast but it’s done quite a bit of damage over night.

While the weather didn’t stop many people from going about their regular routine today, a Santa Clara family is busy cleaning up their yard.

There was a massive downed tree that damaged this fence. The tree has since been removed after it fell on Saturday night.

Residents say considering the size of the tree, they’re fortunate the damage wasn’t worse.

Lee Higgs says her and her family noticed the tree started splitting yesterday. Judging by the winds and the way the tree was blowing, she guessed it would fall. Higgs says her husband tried to prevent it by cutting down branches earlier but it didn’t help.

“We all came out to look at it and it fell just perfectly where it took out just enough of the fence where it braced it but not so much that it did a lot of damage. It was a big tree,” said Higgs.

The only damage was to the fence, which Higgs says her family will fix.

She says her neighbors paid to get the yards cleaned and they are also relieved the damage was minor. One of her biggest fears was it would fall and destroy the play set she spent all summer building for her daughter.

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