Winter Weather Causes Flight Delays

EUGENE, Ore. — A winter storm in other parts of the country is having a rippling effect on flights out of the Eugene Airport. With Christmas just around the corner, hundreds of people are traveling through the Eugene Airport Sunday. But while a number of flights out of the airport were delayed or canceled Sunday afternoon, travelers were optimistic airport delays wouldn’t get in the way of their plans.

People were heading to different parts of the country to celebrate with their families. For many local residents their trip home involved a few connections. At the Eugene Airport holiday destinations were all over the map.

From Idaho to Texas and even Delaware, travelers were heading to many different final destinations.

Most travelers said they’re hopeful they’ll still be home for the holidays.

“It’s the holidays so I’m gonna have to assume it’s gonna be a lot of people, so everybody’s just wanting to get to their families to spend time with family,” said Daniel Byrd, a Eugene resident flying to South Bend, Indiana.

After KEZI 9 News talked with travelers Sunday afternoon, there have been some delays and cancellations.

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