Woman Accused of Faking Cancer

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SUTHERLIN, Ore. — Kendra Fain’s mugshot posted on the Douglas County Jail’s website tells part of the story; she was photographed in a red shirt, her hair cropped short. Former friends say Fain, booked on a theft by deception charge, is growing out her hair after she shaved it to make her fake cancer diagnosis more believable.

“She was always in pain,” said a former friend, who wants to remain anonymous. “Throwing up was a good one. She could throw up really easy.”

That friend says she and several others believed Fain’s story. After all, who would lie about having cancer?

“[She] told me hospice was at her house,” the former friend recalled. “She was dying. She was on her death bed.”

“My reaction was sadness. Pity.” That’s how one of Fain’s former neighbors felt when the suspect allegedly described her diagnosis. “How could somebody so young have this sickness and not have any physical symptoms?”

It turns out, they say, she didn’t. That was just a ploy for Fain to get people to watch her kids, clean her house, even give her money. It wasn’t until last week that people who bought into the story found out it was a lie.

“Two ladies knocked at my door and I didn’t believe them,” the former friend said between sobs. “I couldn’t believe anybody would be that cruel.”

KEZI 9 News spoke with Fain in the driveway of her grandparents home, offering her the chance to share her story or provide an apology. She told us to come back in an hour, but when we did, she was gone. Instead, her grandfather told us the only thing she wanted to say was “No comment.”

Even if she had come clean and apologized, some of the people who believed her alleged lies want more; they want justice.

“I don’t think ‘I’m sorry’ can sum up the demise of lies, the quilt of destruction. You can’t excuse it away,” said Fain’s former neighbor.

The friend has just one thing to say: “Shame on you. Shame on you.”

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