Woman Arrested for Burglary


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EUGENE, Ore. — Police say they were able to stop an armed robbery on Thursday morning, thanks to an alert neighbor.

A resident on Peppertree Drive in west Eugene told officers that a strange woman knocked on her door. The resident opened the door, then quickly slammed it shut when she decided that the woman, Angela Estes, looked suspicious.

Estes walked toward another home and entered the back yard, where police say she entered the home.

SWAT was called out to arrest the suspect, who police say was armed. Estes is now lodged in the Lane County Jail.


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  1. Mike Bogdanovich says:

    Fantastic! She is incarcerated. Armed Burglary. So, how long will she be kept behind bars before she is released, for any reason. Wanna bet she will be released within 48 hours due to overcrowding, and probably with her weapon?

  2. bob says:

    Why was a glass company there even though there was nothing in the story about the 48 yr old woman breaking a window? Did the SWAT TEAM do more damage than the burglar? Only the authorities know.

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