Woman Arrested for Mail Thefts

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Police are investigating a pattern of mail theft on several streets, including Cloverfield Loop, West J Street, Rambling Drive and Lomond Avenue.

On Wednesday, officers arrested 31-year-old Jacqueline Martinez for 50 counts of mail theft in four different Springfield neighborhoods. Police say Martinez is already on state probation for identity theft and that the stolen mail included checks, bills, and credit card applications.

Sgt. Richard Jones says that identity theft used to be easier to commit in the days before online security became more thorough. “The banking institutions and people weren’t so savvy about their own security and keeping PIN numbers and debit cards and checks out of the mailboxes,” he says.

Corey Beagley lives in one of the neighborhoods that was hit; he says he’s not surprised that it happened, but he isn’t worried that his identity will be stolen. “If you don’t want anything stolen out of your mailbox, the best way to do it is make sure nothing is going to be in there,” he says, adding that he does just about everything online.

Martinez wasn’t the only person taken into custody; 21-year-old Miguel Swafford, who was in the car with her, was arrested on outstanding warrants, but police say they don’t think he was involved in the mail thefts.

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  1. TJohnson says:

    Nobody should be using mailboxes like this anymore.

    Use a locked community box or go get a PO Box.
    Do your bills online.
    Never send cash/gifts via postal mail.
    If you must send a package, make sure it has delivery confirmation.

    If you have a mailbox like the one in the video, don’t be surprised when you get everything stolen from you. It’s an unlocked box full of valuables, you have to be stupid not to expect it to be stolen.

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