Newspaper Carrier Attacked

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — A newspaper delivery woman returned to work Sunday after being attacked and carjacked on her route Saturday morning.

Around 4 a.m. Kathleen Commander was approached by a woman she didn’t know asking for a lighter, a cigarette and a ride to a bar.

“I said I can’t, I’m delivering papers and I’m not allowed to deviate from my route,” said Commander.

The woman tossed the newspapers aside and jumped in Commander’s car.

Commander got out of the vehicle to call police.

“As I got out I was trying to dial 911 she got out of the car and came up behind me and jumped on my back and started punching me from around the back and punching me in my head,” ┬áCommander said.

The woman then took off in Commander’s car.

“Even when she jumped on me I thought she’s really that mad I won’t take her to a bar, I never thought in a second that she would be stealing my car,” Commander said.

Springfield Police arrived at the scene, where there was no sign of the suspect or Commander’s car.

Oregon State Police later found Commander’s car, driven by 28-year-old Jennifer Jones, of Portland, in Klamath Falls. OSP arrested Jones after leading troopers on a high speed chase.

Commander kept working saying she didn’t want the attack to scare her out of doing her job.

“I didn’t want her to defeat me that way I didn’t want to feel like she had won even more than she what she’d already won,” Commander said. “I actually ended up finishing it that day. It just felt like it was a necessary thing just to get back up on that horse and keep riding because I knew that I need this job and if I didn’t do it for a few days, I might not ever do it again.”

Jones is being held in the Klamath County Jail.

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