Woman Faces Charges for Deadly Crash

LINN COUNTY, Ore- Five months after a deadly crash on Highway 34, a Blodgett woman now faces criminal charges.

Oregon State Police arrested 36-year old Valorie Carrigan on Wednesday after she was indicted by a Linn County Grand Jury on charges of First Degree Manslaughter, Second Degree Assault and two other felony counts.

The arrest follows an investigation into a September 5th, 2012 fatal traffic crash on Highway 34,  in which a vehicle driven by Carrigan attempted to change lanes in front of a vehicle driven by 22-year old Chelsea Duffy of Myrtle Creek.

Carrigan’s vehicle struck Duffy’s Pontiac Vibe on the right front section, causing Duffy to lose control, cross into the westbound lane and collide head-on with a Jeep.

Duffy was pronounced dead at the scene, the driver of the Jeep was seriously injured.

Carrigan is currently being held at the Linn County Jail.

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  1. Postone says:

    This goes on every single day on our nations highway and city streets! The only thing that confuses me is that it doesn’t happen more often!

    There are a bunch of moron’s driving out there in a hurry to get nowhere, and they are willing to kill you and themselves to get there 30 seconds faster. And 99% of you do this and you know who you are!


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