Woman Helps Police Catch Car Thief

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Police are praising a Springfield homeowner for helping them catch a car thief.  Officers say a woman intervened after a man led them on a chase in a residential area near 42nd St. and Booth-Kelly Road.

Investigators say 37-year old James Brisendine is linked to stealing multiple vehicles.

Police say it all started in the 300 block of 38th St. An officer spotted a stolen vehicle and a man getting in and driving away. When the officer tried to pull the man over, he led them on a chase.  The suspect finally got out of the car and started leading a pursuit on foot through several yards. A Springfield woman saw the man, physically pushed him out of her yard and locked the gate, which put the man into the arms of police.

“We come to work, we put on a bullet proof vest, we want to catch these guys, we want to do it.” said Sgt. Pete Kirkpatrick. “But I think you get a lot of citizens who they see a situation and they feel like they have to take action and they do, in Springfield that’s what happens.”

Brisendine is being held at the Lane County Jail also on charges of meth possession.

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