Pedestrian Hit by Truck on I-105

EUGENE, Ore. — The woman hit by a pick-up truck on I-105 is in critical condition at a local hospital.

Witnesses say 22-year-old Sylvia Rose Titus tried to cross I-105 west above First Street in Eugene when the truck hit her. It happened just before 6 p.m. Tuesday night.

Officers say the truck’s driver hadn’t been drinking, but they suspect Titus had been.

“She appears to be transient in nature. She had her backpack with her and some items…No idea why she was up there,” said Sgt. Jim Ball, Eugene Police Department.

“It was rush hour traffic. People were driving at a normal speed, but it was dark and there were a lot of cars making it difficult for all of them to avoid her, and one person, although she tried to avoid her, apparently couldn’t help but hit her,” said Sgt. Kevin McCormick, Eugene Police Department.

The crash and investigation slowed traffic to a crawl for hours.

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