Woman Rescued from Mobile Home Fire

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EUGENE, Ore. — Investigators estimate a fire early Friday morning caused about $65,000 damage to a north Eugene home. The insurance company thinks the house could be a total loss.

A house in the Camelot Mobile Home Park has suffered severe fire damage, but thanks to the daring rescue of a neighbor no lives were lost.

Greg Ganfield fell asleep listening to Thursday night’s thunderstorms, when his son rushed into the bedroom.

“My son woke me up, said he saw a fire over at the park,” said Ganfield

He wasted no time.

“I checked it out, saw that it was, and told my son to call 911, and grabbed my shoes and headed for the gate here to see what I could do,” Ganfied said.

Ganfield’s place is behind the burning home and surrounded by fences. But thanks to a key into the gated community, he cut right through.

“The bushes and the front porch were fully engulfed, my first reaction was just to help somebody out if they were inside,” Ganfield said.

So he went to the back door and glanced in the window, which revealed a shadow. Ganfield kicked down the door, grabbed the elderly woman in the hall and rushed back outside.

“It’s awesome. It was a neat thing that he was able to act and respond as fast as he did,” said Sandra Johnston, a Eugene Deputy Fire Marshall.

“He made a great effort to get over the fences and into her house. I was worried about what happened to her; she was safe” said Sabra Hammond, a neighbor.

Ganfield’s quick thinking earned him the title of “Hero”.

“I would hope that if I were in the same situation that someone would help me out. So, I’m just glad that everyone was okay,” Ganfield said.

Ganfield was taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation, but he said it’s nothing more than a sore throat now. And for the woman he helped save, family members said she’s safe and sound, thanks to him.

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