Woman Says Thieves Targeting Gasoline

EUGENE, Ore. — A woman living in the Churchill area has a warning for her neighbors, someone is going around trying to steal gas from their cars.

Jenna Smith says at least three times recently someone’s tried to siphon gas from her car. The latest incident was Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning.

She says when her fiancee went to go to work, he noticed someone had removed the gas cap. During other incidents she says she’s found tubes used to steal gas lying in her yard.

The Eugene Police Department couldn’t confirm reports of a spike in gas thefts, but say they’re very common, especially as gas prices rise.

“I don’t want people getting up in the morning and getting ready to go to work and going oh, my gas tank is empty,” said Smith. “I know I’d be pretty mad about it. People work for what they have.”

EPD advises drivers to keep their cars in a secure area, such as a garage. There are also gas caps that lock.

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  1. bill says:

    Lock your gas cap?????????? Hello, anyone home????

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