Woman Tried to Commit Suicide in Crash

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You can see raw video of the crash scene, cleanup and crews in the video above.

EUGENE, Ore. — Emergency crews shut down Highway 126 for two hours this morning after a car crashed into a logging truck head-on. Witnesses say the woman driving the Subaru was attempting suicide when she drove into the truck.

“I saw the white[sic] Subaru go flying off into the ditch, some debris crashing down,” said witness Talinna Mashore.

Eugene Fire and EMS responded along with Lane County Sheriff’s deputies and OSP, and the agencies closed down the highway completely.

“The woman in the car had her head against the steering wheel,” said Mashore.

Witnesses say the driver was yelling, saying “Just kill me now.”

Another witness says she heard the driver say “That was supposed to kill me. Why am I still alive?” Officials say the woman was taken to the hospital, but her injuries weren’t life threatening. The driver of the Weyehauser truck wasn’t injured at all, but it appeared things could have been much worse. Not just between the vehicles, but from what was inside.

Officials say 100 gallons of fuel leaked out of the truck and off the side of the highway. Eugene’s hazmat team was called to the scene and is still working on cleaning up the mess.


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  1. T L Gordineer says:

    Nice to try to injure or kill someone else while trying to take your own life. Maybe that truck driver wants to live awhile???

    1. Chuck Weyant says:

      What an idiot. Run into a bridge abutment dumbass. Don’t damage other innocent people…or their property. I hope she gets jail time.

  2. JDickson says:

    What a coward! If you want to end your life so bad-do it yourself. Don’t drag other people’s lives into your mess!

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