Woman Voluntarily Surrenders Cats

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Police say a woman who allegedly threw two of her Persian cats into the Willamette River last week is working with law enforcement to voluntarily surrender her cats.

Police say Betty Gould is working with Springfield Animal Control and local shelters to find other homes for some and maybe all of her Persian cats.

Many of the cats have ring worm and will have to be treated at local shelters before being adopted, but most will not stay at Gould’s much longer.

“They will not be direct adoptions. They will go through the rescue agencies because of any of the other health concerns. We want to get those addressed before we get them out to homes because of some concerns we’ve had in the past with Betty’s cats,” said Brian Austin, Springfield Animal Control.

Gould is being charged for attempted aggravated animal abuse and animal abandonement. If found guilty, she will have to surrender all her cats for at least five years.

Her trial is set for January 30.


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  1. Nicole D says:

    Where can we adopt theses poor kitties from?

    1. toffee says:

      West Coast Dog & Cat Rescue

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