Woman’s Dog & Car Still Missing

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EUGENE, Ore. — A Eugene woman is still searching for her car and service dog, both stolen on Saturday.

It’s been days since Sharen Floyd’s car was stolen along with her service dog Koda. She says on the quiet street she lives on, every time she hears a bark, it gives her hope that Koda will come home.

“I do have fond attachment to my car, but nothing like I do with my dog,” Floyd said.

Floyd was volunteering with a crew on Saturday to clean the Willamette River. She was coming back to her car in the Valley River Center parking lot, but it was stolen with her Koda inside.

Since reporting it to the Eugene Police Department, she’s been doing all she can to find him.

“I had to go to the hardware store and get a staple gun. When I was there I thought ‘well, I don’t know where he might be’ so I just put up posters at whatever neighborhood I’m in,” Floyd said.

Police say they’ve taken notice and say they’re confident if the car is still in the area, they’ll find it. EPD also say it’s not common a vehicle gets stolen with a living being still inside.

“In many cases, the thieves will leave that vehicle alone because they don’t want to deal with the living being that’s been left in the car. In this case, they obviously chose to keep both and hopefully, we are able to recover each of them intact,” said Lt. Doug Mozan, Eugene Police Department.

Floyd suffers from severe PTSD and says she’s hoping for the best and will continue searching for her buddy who helps her deal.

“He was my reason for getting up in the morning. He was the reason my reason to get out and go walking and discover what else is going on in the world,” Floyd said.

Floyd says a $100 reward is being offered to anyone who helps find Koda. She is working closely with Eugene Police to find him.

EPD says Floyd’s car is a 2010 red four-door Honda Fit. The Oregon license plate number is 065FCF. Anyone with information should contact EPD at (541) 682-5111.

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  1. Tania Colgan says:

    Hello- Do you guys still have this video? This woman was my neighbor, she was my friend. Yesterday, I found out she committed suicide, and I have been looking all over the internet trying to find a picture of her. I found a photo of a photo of her on your website, and anyway, it would mean a lot to me if I could see the video. I don’t know what your policy is on that. Thank you very much.

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