Women at the Oregon Logging Conference

woman at logging conferenceEUGENE, Ore. — It might seem like a male-dominant industry, but some women are taking center stage at this year’s logging conference in Eugene.

Dawn Malchow is the sales manager for Mobile Manufacturing in Troutdale, just outside of Portland. She says there aren’t as many women as there are men at the conference, but women who attend are very knowledgeable of the industry. She says she’s been challenged before about how much she knows, but she’s able to match the men. And she’s impressed by some of the other women she’s met at the conference as well.

“I’ll tell you what. I’ve met some women in this industry who put me to shame. They actually do the logging, they cut the trees down, they cut the boards, they do all of it, and it’s amazing,” Malchow said.

The logging conference at the fairgrounds lasts through Saturday.

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    Check out Mom, I’m a superstar

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