Women Attacked near OSU Campus

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CORVALLIS, Ore. — Two different attacks less than two weeks apart have the Corvallis community on edge.

While the latest one didn’t happen on campus, it wasn’t far away. It happened in the area by Northwest 29th Street and Northwest Fillmore Avenue.

“Saturday evening, Corvallis Police Department got information about an assault,” said Sgt. Vonn Schleicher, Oregon State Police.

The young woman, a student, was less than 10 blocks from the previous incident near Southwest 30th Street and Southwest Campus Way, when a man tackled her from behind.

“Stranger-on-stranger are very rare, and to have two of them in such close proximity does have us concerned and would lead us to believe they’re somehow connected,” Sgt. Schleicher said.

That’s not their only concern.

“We know with these types of events that can trigger emotions in our student population,” Sgt. Schleicher said.

They say those emotions must be addressed.

“By talking with somebody that they trust, they’re able to process what happened, and that will then reduce the possibility of them having later difficulties,” said Judy Neighbours, OSU Sexual Assault Support Services.

The university has several resources that can be used, including assault support for victims, as well as an assault prevention program. Everyone is encouraged to use them to help themselves or others get through or stop these incidents from happening.

If you’d like to know more about the university’s survivor support or prevention services, click here.

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