Women Grads Earn $8,000 Less Than Men

(CNN) — The wage gap between men and women may start as soon as new college grads collect their first paycheck.

A new study by the American Association of University Women says, among recent college graduates, full-time working women earn 82 percent of what their male peers do.

One year after college, the average salary for men is $42,918 and for women it’s $35,296, a nearly $8,000 difference.

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  1. jerry says:

    This is a little like saying “the average depth of the Pacific Ocean is 1000 feet.” It is meaningless without context, or some reference to variability. In my experience as a community college administrator, we have many fields. Nursing and Medical Assistants are still 90-100% women. Do women nurses make less than men? I don’t think so. In Engineering, men make up the majority of graduates. Do women engineers make less than men? Not in my experience. How about school teachers? Do women here make less than men? No again, the teachers unions would not stand for it.
    In my previous life at a community college, women made up the majority of both instuctors, clerical positions and administrators. Did they make less than men? No way.

    I believe this statement is only true, with the overall average. You must know the context and the variability, and not make a statement using only averages. It is has no meaning.

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