Women Share Their Stories From WWII

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EUGENE, Ore. — Local women of World War II gathered Sunday to share their stories with the Eugene community.

The group’s called the Rosie Riveter Association. It’s made up of women who worked in male-dominated fields during the war when men went overseas.

These women did everything from building airplanes to spotting planes. “I was a bucker. A bucker is a person on the other end of the drill bit. If a rivet gun hits a rivet and there’s no bucker on the other side, it’ll go through the wing,” said Elizabeth Fisher.

“It was a camaraderie. It was fun to meet the different people,” said Opal Nelson.

“I was a plane spotter, which meant we studied the silhouettes of the planes both foreign and domestic,” said Dolly Marsall.

“I was barely able to type, but I volunteered and so I spent the next several years typing up war bonds at the Treasury Department,” said Doris Graham.

The local chapter of the Rosie the Riveter Association meets the second Friday of each month at the Willamalane Senior Center.

Event organizers said events like this are a great way to keep these stories alive.

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