Woodcraft Moving to Green Acres

EUGENE, Ore. — Eugene’s Woodcraft Store at Sheldon Plaza is moving to Green Acres Road and almost doubling its floor and classroom space.

The store will now be in the 14-thousand square foot space next to Sherwin-Williams Paint Store and Market of Choice.

Owners Joe and Susan Essin say they’re sad to leave the store they’ve been in for so long, but they’re excited about the opportunities the new location offers.

“We’re looking to increase not only what we have in terms of depth of product, but also in product offerings. So, we’re expanding to a lot more contractor components, a lot more wood, a lot more plywood,” said Joe Essin.

Woodcraft is also building a much larger classroom to hold bigger crowds.

The new store opens to the public this Tuesday.

A grand opening sale is planned for May 29 and 30.

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