Workers in Eugene Bust Burglars in Utah

EUGENE, Ore. — Two determined workers in Eugene help stop a burglary ring.

The unusual pursuit started Wednesday and spanned more than 700 miles. Gina Davis and Scott Bible work at Industrial Finishes in Eugene. They say one of their co-workers is in the Salt Lake City area. Someone broke into his house Wednesday and stole his iPad.

After hearing of the theft, Davis and Bible jumped on their own iPad and used an app to see where the thieves were taking the tablet. For about four hours they tracked it, through a neighborhood, to a parking lot and eventually a house.

They say their employee in the area kept at a safe distance but alerted police. Davis says officers eventually got a search warrant for the home and arrested eight people.

“Well after it set in, Scott and I were like oh my goodness, we totally just helped police bust people who had just burglarized other people’s homes,” Davis said.

She says she hopes people will learn about the importance of app tracking technology and use it when available.

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  1. Vetzero says:

    Now, if you’ll be so kind as to continue this good work right here in Eugene ? Plenty to do in that kind of enterprise.

    i’m lovin it…………….

    Leave something like that settin around but keep a real close eye on it…but don’t look like your keepin a real close eye on it.

    Robbin Tweeker will see it and yup, sure will grab it, you know the SOB will…just can’t resist that easy mark.

    Track him, pin point him and then bust the door down and go in and see what all else he’s gotten his grubby hands on.

    You know how he’s the kind that likes to keep his booty inventory up to keep pace with his rotten a_s’s habit…….he’ll have your stuff in there somewhere.

    Nice bust, fellahs.

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