World Cup Grass from Oregon

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HALSEY, Ore. — Next time you’re watching a World Cup match, take a good look at that green field because the grass at all 12 stadiums is from the Willamette Valley.

This year DLF Pickseed USA is the World Cup’s major grass seed provider, located in Halsey.

The fields in the stadiums have a Bermuda grass base, but because it’s winter in Brazil the fields needed to be overseeded with a ryegrass, which the World Cup chose from Oregon.

The company shipped 300,000 pounds of grass seed all grown in the valley. The company tested the seeds in all types of climates to make sure it would do well in the stadiums.

Steve Reid of DLF Pickseed USA says he, the company, and the farmers who grew the seed feel very proud.

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  1. Brian Bray says:

    And yet in the grass seed capital of the world, artificial turf fields go in left and right at a million dollars each.

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