Wyden to Meet with Online Entrepreneurs

EUGENE, Ore. — Oregon Senator Ron Wyden will be in Eugene Thursday to meet with local online entrepreneurs.

The senator is holding a roundtable discussion on keeping the Internet open for commercial and private use. Wyden says he opposes efforts to impose sales taxes on Internet sales transactions because he thinks it would kill jobs and be a “bookkeeping nightmare for online entrepreneurs”.

Representatives from businesses such as Tactics Board Shop, Back Country Gear, Pipeworks/F9E will be there.

The discussion happens Thursday, August 30 at 10:30 a.m. at Concentric Sky, located at 1045 Willamette Street.

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  1. Mary Boshart says:

    This new tax would effectively sink my ship !! I live in Curry county, where the recession has hit particularly hard. There are no jobs. Prices on everything are increasing. I live on a small fixed income and simply can not make ends meet without my internet sales. The eBay fees have increased dramatically and a new nation wide sales tax would sink me. We in Oregon have voted against a sales tax because WE DON’T WANT IT !! Not state , not federal, not nation wide, NOT AT ALL. A much better sales tax would be a tax on imports of US companies that have sent manufacturing overseas. The government would make a LOT more money this way , at least for awhile. After the jobs are returned to the US, there would no longer be a need for a tax.
    Mary Boshart

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