YMCA and 4J Considers Future Together

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EUGENE, Ore. — After losing the bid for Civic Stadium, the Eugene YMCA is entering official talks with the 4J school board Wednesday about another property.

Both the YMCA and 4J have been talking about possibly allowing the YMCA to build a new facility where Roosevelt Middle School is now.

The YMCA says its current building in south Eugene is no longer usable and it’s looking to grow. It already has sketches of the new facilities could look like.

The school district agrees the YMCA would be an excellent neighbor to the new Roosevelt Middle School and board members are excited to move talks forward.

“One of the interesting things about the Roosevelt site is the opportunity for a new YMCA to locate on part of that site and tonight the school board is also really going to take the first step in a formal public process to say, should we sell or trade or lease part of the Roosevelt school site to the YMCA?” said Barb Bellamy, 4J communications director.

Roosevelt is one of four 4J schools being rebuilt with bond money.

4J says a public hearing on the offer is set for May 7 and the board is looking to make a decision by May 21 but a final agreement could come in June.

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