YMCA Eyes New 4J Property

3-19 YMCA

EUGENE, Ore. — The 4J School Board initiated a process that could lead to a new YMCA on school property.

The YMCA is looking to rebuild and is hoping to secure the land where the Roosevelt Middle School currently sits.

The district’s currently planning to rebuild the school. The school board started a discussion Wednesday night that may lead to 4J selling or leasing part of the property the YMCA.

“Originally, about two years ago, as we began this process there was a proposal to put Roosevelt and the Y on the Civic Stadium site,'” said Dr. Sheldon Berman, 4J Superintendent. “That was where it first began because we thought the partnership would be so strong, so this is a continuation of that.”

The school board’s expected to make a decision sometime in May.


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  1. wonderingwhy says:

    Just wondering why they would rebuild that Y when there are so many parts of the city that NEED a Y like SANTA CLARA?

  2. Kelli Sanders says:

    The existing Y facility is falling apart. They need a new Y desperately. If they can get a new facility in South Eugene, it’ll be easier to lay the groundwork for a new facility in the Bethel and Santa Clara areas.

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