YMCA Ups Bid for Civic Statium

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EUGENE, Ore. — The Eugene Family YMCA has listened to 4-J’s demands and have upped their bid to buy the old Civic Stadium.

Associative Executive Director Julie Grossman says the YMCA is now offering $4.5 million for the land, up $500,000 from their previous offer.

Grossman says the extra cash comes from generous donors who support the YMCA proposal to use the space for a larger, all-new facility.

“We feel we were really able to get to the heart of what we feel like we really bring to the table uniquely in this whole process,” Grossman said, “which is the incredible partnership and the synergy that can be created between two organizations that are really here to benefit kids.”

Grossman says if 4-J rejects their bid, they’ll likely have to downsize their current facility to meet current parking standards.

4-J is set to make a decision by February 19th.

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  1. quasimodo says:

    even though the ymca is a good thing I still believe whole heartedly that it is the job of the super intendant to get the most money possible for that land. the public owns that land not the city not the school district it belongs to the people that paid taxes and allowed them to buy it and since it belongs to the tax payers it would be a serious misuse of public funds if he sells it short of what its actual worth is. that property should have been sold last year before 4j begged the tax payers for more money sadly I feel that now they got their tax boost by vote they will end up squandering the funds they re3cieve for that land instead of putting more teachers on the payroll

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