Young Women Learn to Fight Fires

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EUGENE, Ore. — Some young women in Eugene are getting a taste of what’s it’s like to be on the front lines fighting a fire.
Thursday a group of young women worked together in teams to put out a burning car.
While fighting the fire, they also fought the heat, wearing pounds of heavy gear.
The fourth annual Young Women’s Fire Camp is a week long camp designed to help young women between the ages of 15 and 19 build leadership and team skills while participating in hands-on drills.
The girls say a lot of them face their fears head to head.
“Overcoming my fears has been a little bit, making me feel nerve wracked. But it’s amazing how much I can do when I set my mind to it and being able to overcome the stupid fears that I have,” said Hailey Kjeldgaard, camp participant.
Organizers also said the camp is also about instilling confidence in the young women.
The girls also repelled down a building as part of the training.
The camp runs for a week.

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