Young Women Take Part in Fire Camp

EUGENE, Ore. — This week, local teen girls are taking a walk in the boots of female firefighters as part of the second annual young women’s fire camp.

For the 21 girls at camp, this week is about learning how to be a firefighter, but it’s also about learning where their limits are and how far they can push them.

“We have six firefighters out of about 160. That’s less than half a percent women. Not having a role model was a big deal for me, and I want to provide that for other young women so that they know this is possible. It’s a wonderful career, and women do make a difference in the fire service,” said Eugene Firefighter and Camp Counselor Carolyn McCann.

“They are some tremendous women. Very tough. I look up to them a lot, a lot, and aspire to be like them hopefully one day,” said first-year camper Morgan Stevenson.

“Being a firefighter is more than just wanting to be a firefighter. It’s more about other people than just yourself. It takes a lot of encouragement and confidence in yourself,” said first-year camper Zoey Lyts.

The campers will spend the rest of the week learning even more firefighting skills, and they say they’re looking forward to Friday the most when they get to fight an actual fire.

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