Zombies Take Over Kesey Square

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EUGENE, Ore. — Trick-or-treaters were out collecting candy this Halloween, but some of the living dead also seemed to make their way to downtown Eugene.

Zombies descended on Kesey square to perform the Michael Jackson “Thriller” dance. They were actually part of a larger event going on around town called the Gear Reaper Race.

Bicyclists were on a scavenger hunt going to different locations around town. Kesey Square was one of those locations.

When the bicyclists got there they had to do the “Thriller” dance in order to get a stamp to move on to the next location

The dancers are part of a larger group called ‘Thrill The World’. ¬†They tried to break the world record on Saturday for the most people around the world doing the ‘Thriller’ dance. The dancers all had to do the same choreography.

It was also a fundraiser in which they raised $3,000 for Shelter Care.

After the flash mob on Halloween night, the group headed to 5th Street Market for another Flash Mob along with Blair Alley.

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  1. Dave says:

    Actually the zombies didn’t get there til midnight. These folks are just the regular crowd downtown.

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