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  • Hundreds Stay at Warming Centers

    EUGENE, Ore. — Egan Warming Centers will now stay open through Monday night. They opened for the first time this season Saturday night, drawing more than 200 people at five sites across Eugene and Springfield. Coordinators say the first night went smoothly, with volunteers ready to go and donations on hand. The warming centers didn’t … Continue reading »

  • Eugene Air Pollution Worst in 4 Years

    EUGENE, Ore. — Air pollution in Eugene is the worst it’s been in four years, but there are things residents can do to help. LRAPA says it expects air quality to deteriorate again Tuesday night, as people get home from work and burn wood in their fireplaces. LRAPA says this level of pollution is unhealthy … Continue reading »

  • Local Soldier Dies in Afghanistan

    PHILOMATH, Ore. – It has been a heartbreaking few days for the Philomath community after learning one of its soldiers will not be returning home from Afghanistan. The U.S. Military says on Sunday, Private First Class Cody Patterson and three other soldiers were killed in the Zhari district in Afghanistan when their unit was attacked … Continue reading »

  • Advisory Lifted for Dorena Reservoir

    COTTAGE GROVE, Ore. — Oregon health officials have lifted the health advisory for Dorena Reservoir, six miles east of Cottage Grove. They issued the advisory back in July after high levels of blue-green algae were found at the reservoir’s shoreline, which can be unsafe for people and pets. The water has now been deemed safe. … Continue reading »

  • Algae Found in Dorena Reservoir

    Near COTTAGE GROVE, Ore. — A health advisory has been issued for Dorena Reservoir due to high levels of blue-green algae. Health officials say the water can be harmful to humans and animals, so all contact with the water should be avoided. Campers and visitors are being warned that toxins cannot be removed by boiling, … Continue reading »