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  • Defending Against Assault

    EUGENE, Ore. – Eugene Police say a woman who fought back with pepper spray after allegedly being sexually assaulted, helped her escape the very dangerous situation. EPD and a local self-defense instructor say in most sexual assaults the victim and perpetrator know each other, but that wasn’t the case Tuesday night. Police say the victim … Continue reading »

  • Girl Trapped in Washing Machine

    PASADENA, Texas — A 5-year-old Texas girl is recovering in the hospital after she was locked in a washing machine. It happened Tuesday evening at a public laundromat in Pasadena, Texas. Police say the young girl was trapped in the machine on high speed a while before anyone noticed. “Unfortunately, she spun around in that … Continue reading »

  • College GameDay Hosts Talk About Eugene

    EUGENE, Ore. — We’re less than 13 hours until ESPN’s College GameDay goes live on the University of Oregon campus. The cast and crew have a lot to do before their early morning broadcast, but they took some time to share what makes Eugene special for them. The operations crews have been here since Wednesday … Continue reading »