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Man dies in truck unloading accident in Bethel neighborhood, police say

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EUGENE, Ore.--- Eugene Police said one man was killed in a truck unloading accident in the Bethel neighborhood on Saturday night.

Officials responded to the 4000 block of Souza Street around 8:25 p.m. They said a truck being unloaded from a trailer fell on a person and killed him.

Police said the accident was not a crime. The case is in the hands of the medical examiner's office. 

The identity of the man will not be released until the next of kin is notified, police said. But they said he was a man in his 20's and he's not from Oregon. 

Neighbor Dannin Swaim said he ordered food through DoorDash and came outside to check if his food had been delivered. That's when he saw the truck being unloaded. He said one man was unhooking the front of the truck, and he saw another man under it, working on un-strapping the back tires. 

Swaim said when he went back inside, he heard a loud bang and someone yelling for help. The truck apparently rolled on top of the man, crushing his upper vertebrate and pinning his shoulder blades down. He said he ran outside, grabbed as many car jacks as he could and started jacking up the truck. His roommate called 911. 

When help arrived, they reportedly got the man out from under the truck in just five minutes, but the impact was too much and the man died instantly once he was taken out. 

Swaim told KEZI he's still in shock. 

"I feel very, very weird about it. I've only seen car crashes really, I've never seen something like that happen up close. It's just kinda an eye-opener because I load my car up on a trailer pretty frequently and it's just kinda freaky to see that that can actually happen to somebody," Swaim said. 

Neighbor Aiden Barney told KEZI she did everything she could to help save the man. She said her family was sitting inside when they saw a three-car trailer pull up across the street. She said it caught everyone's attention because they never see these types of trailers in their neighborhood. 

She said they went about their business while two men began unloading a truck out of a trailer. But then she heard a loud slam and said one of the men was screaming for help. That's when she ran out the door to see what was going on. 

"One of them was under the truck, he was pinned down kinda like on his knees, and the back half of the truck was on his back. So, we grabbed as many floor jacks as we had because we're a car enthusiast house, so we had a bunch and we started jacking up the truck as much as we could," Barney said.

Barney said there was only so much they could do because the impact was on the man's spine. But said she saw some movement coming from the man pinned under the truck. 

She told KEZI he was trapped under the truck for about 15 minutes total. 

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