Kyle Plush death investigation: As Seven Hills student laid to rest, numerous questions remain

Family members and friends said their final goodbyes to 16-year-old Kyle Plush at his funeral Monday.The teen ...

Posted: Apr 16, 2018 10:17 PM
Updated: Apr 16, 2018 10:17 PM

Family members and friends said their final goodbyes to 16-year-old Kyle Plush at his funeral Monday.

The teen died trapped inside his van at Seven Hills School last Tuesday, even after he pleaded with 911 operators to send help. Two Cincinnati police officers and a Hamilton County sheriff's deputy who searched near the school never found him. A Cincinnati City Council committee has a special meeting Tuesday afternoon to look into what happened.

After Plush's death, the Cincinnati Police Department released a computer-aided dispatch report, Plush's calls and some dispatch traffic. It later released an internal review of the incident after it was leaked to multiple news outlets.

But the department has yet to explain exactly where its officers looked and what they did during their search for Plush. Nearly a week after the teen suffocated, numerous questions remain about what went wrong that day.

The first 911 operator

Stephane MaGee took the first 911 call from Plush. She couldn't communicate back and forth with him, because he said he could not hear her.

MaGee indicated the caller was a female trapped in a van at the Seven Hills parking lot in "unknown trouble."

Using latitude/longitude coordinates, she found Plush may be across the street from the school. She noted that location may be a thrift store parking lot in the dispatch report.

Officers were dispatched to 5471 Red Bank Road, which is the parking lot across from the school where Plush was suffocating inside his Honda Odyssey. MaGee noted she used "Phase II" to find the location; "Phase II" is shorthand for a requirement, from the Federal Communications Commission, that wireless providers have to give 911 centers the latitude/longitude coordinates of cellphone calls.

The latitude/longitude coordinates MaGee obtained were within feet of where Plush would be found dead later that night.

Even though MaGee had almost the exact location of where Plush was found, a supervisor later wrote she should've used the school's name -- which would've sent officers to a less-exact location, at 5400 Red Bank.

The officers

Records show Cincinnati Police Officers Edsel Osborn and Brian Brazile, riding double as Unit 2232, responded to the school to investigate Plush's first call.

It's unclear if they ever came back on the radio to ask for clarification about the caller or vehicle.

The officers noted they tried calling Plush back but didn't get an answer. Less than 11 minutes after arriving, they marked the assignment complete and were ready for a different assignment.

Later that night, when Plush was found dead, another call went out for police to respond to Seven Hills School. Officers didn't yet know Plush was dead.

Brazile and Osborn's unit, 2232, came on the radio to say they'd been there earlier in the day and found nothing.

"I think somebody's playing pranks. It was something about they were locked in a vehicle across from the school, we never found anything. But we'll respond and see what else we can find," one of them said in the radio transmission that night.

That's what we know about the two Cincinnati police officers' actions. WCPO has requested numerous records, which have not yet been provided.

Chief Eliot Isaac has not gone into detail about what the officers did at the school that afternoon. In a news conference Thursday, he never mentioned them by name.

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