Parents of Brockway Elementary stand up for a stop to bullying

The parents of students at Brockway Elementary feel there is a problem with bullying, and they need it to stop.

Posted: Jan. 11, 2018 6:50 PM

WINSTON, Ore. - The parents of Brockway Elementary are speaking up, as they think the school has a bullying problem.

Several parents have reached out to KEZI to share stories of their children being bullied. They all feel as if they've tried to reach out to the school and the district before, and they haven't seen any action.

One of those parents is Jasmine Essray. She said she removed her son from Brockway after he repeatedly came home from school with black eyes. He had told her he was being sat on and punched by third graders. She said she contacted the school, but was told to contact his teacher directly. She said after attempting to reach her nine times, she felt like she wasn't making any progress.

”And it’s not getting—it’s almost like they don’t care. Like, as long as the kids kind of learn something and they teach them enough to where they can pass their little state testing, they don’t really care what happens at the school," said Essray.

She moved him to Camas Ridge Elementary School, outside of the Winston-Dillard School District.

Another parent is Bambi King, and she feels like the bullying her son is experiencing is affecting his temperment at home. She said her son is in second grade and often comes off the bus bruised and scraped. She said recently he was followed on the playground and attacked by two boys. She said when she went to report it, she was told he was in a section of the playground that they couldn't see, and there was nothing they could do about it.

”I’m actually afraid to send him to school every day. I have a lot of fear about even having him walk out the door and go onto the bus. And I have considered homeschool," said King.

King said her son was recently suspended because he fought back. She said he's also been picking on his sister in a more aggressive way and occasionally taking those more violent tendancies to her as well. She said that something needs to be done within the school to deal with bullies, or she worries something more drastic will happen.

There's also Miranda Foster, who says her daughter has been bullied repeatedly by the same boy for over a year. She said he calls her fat and tells her to kill herself regularly. Foster said her daughter is petrified even at the sound of her voice, and she's desparate for it to stop. Her Facebook live is linked below.

Many other parents reached out as well, and some said they believe it isn't just an issue with Brockway, but the entire Winston-Dillard School District. 

KEZI did attempt to contact the Winston-Dillard School District and Brockway Elementary School to see if they knew about the bullying, and if so, what they were doing about it. As of this time we have not received a reply from either.

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