WATCH: Cascade Middle School student speaks out after shooting

Hear from 11-year-old Josiah about what he witnessed during the lockdown.

Posted: Jan 11, 2019 2:15 PM
Updated: Jan 11, 2019 2:34 PM

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three reporters in the field, we don't know yet if any students have been released. >> let's get to kezi 9 news anchor brian anderson standing by with a student at the school. brian? >> matt, i'm joined now with a 6th grade student who just got out of cascade middle school. this is josiah. i saw him walking on the sidewalk. tell me if you could how are you feeling right now? >> i'm a also bit, you know, shaken up about the incident. >> understandably. your mom is here on the sidewalk off camera here. allowing us to talk to you. if you could tell me, did you hear or see anything this morning? >> so i was getting out of second period and i was sitting on the bench, and i got up to go to my locker, and to put my binder away to go to third period, and then i heard the announcement like lockdown, and i went over and went into the library, and went under the computer lab desk. >> you went under the computer lab desks. i did want to mention to viewers just joining us, your mom is off camera here, she's allowing us to talk to you. we appreciate your bravery in talking to us. so when you were under the desk, how were you feeling? >> i was actually kind of scare. because some of the people that were with me also under the desk were talking about, like they actually did hear gunshots, and were down where it all started. >> can you help me better understand, where is the library in reference to the front of the school here? >> so if you walk in the school, you can see the front office, you take a right and then go down a little, and it would be right next to the 6th grade hall on the left. >> if i could ask you, when you were under the effect did, what were you thinking? >> i wasn't thinking, you know, like about, you know, like getting shot. i was just, you know, like thinking about my family, and, you know, that stuff. because my tablet was in my locker, and i couldn't text anyone. and that kind of scared me a little. >> that you couldn't get in touch with your family. >> yeah. >> tell me what it was like when you were finally able to reunite with your family. >> i was relieved because when i pulled up, my messages, they were like a couple texts from my mom, and she was asking if i was okay. >> what else did those texts say, do you remember? >> she's like, josiah, are you okay, respond. and then she texted, like, 40 minutes, after i got -- she texted like 40 minutes before i got my tablet back. >> and so now that you've been able to reunite with her, how are you feeling? >> i'm feeling good. and safe. since, you know, i'm finally out of school, and the -- >> i'm so sorry that you experienced what you did. do you have any other thoughts on what happened here today? you're in sixth grade, how old are you by the way? >> 11. >> 11 years old. as you're walking home with your mom now, what are you thinking? >> i'm thinking, you know, like about the lockdown. like, totally. >> i wanted to ask you about the training. some kids, some schools go through this type of training for emergencies like this. did that help you know what to do when the lockdown alarm went off? >> yes. definitely. because in home room we have, like, two lockdown things, like every trimester, and i think that definitely helped me, because we have had one last trimester. >> okay. josiah, thank you so much for talking to us. and we thank your mom for allowing us to talk with you as well. and a very sad situation out here, but i'll let you go with your mom. thank you so much, josiah. bye now. just to wrap it up, we were just speaking with a sixth grader who has been let out of cascade middle, describing what he went through, and very disheartening and tragic to hear his recounting of how he handled the lockdown. and what he heard and saw. reporting live
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