Better Business Bureau: Cyber Security Awareness Month

The BBB is using the month of October to highlight how easy it is to fall victim to data hacks on your computers, laptops, and mobile devices.

Posted: Oct 4, 2018 12:00 PM

EUGENE, Ore. -- Dawn Johnson with the Better Business Bureau stopped by KEZI 9 News this week highlighting the importance of cyber security.

Recently, there was a Facebook data breach that affected a lot of Facebook accounts. That's the first thing we asked Dawn about. 

"Something that you can do on your social media sites to better protect yourself is to set up 2-factor authentication. So, this means in addition to having a password and a username, you would have an additional security step such as security questions," Johnson said. "And you might notice that more accounts online are doing this. So, that's a great way to try and protect yourself, especially over social media. Another thing to do is try not to share personal information, such as birth dates, and set your security settings to strong."

We've all seen celebrities and their photos pop up on social media, especially Facebook. Dwayne Johnson's photo is making the rounds with a claim of winning big. But, this is a scam, Johnson said

"The worst mistake anyone can make is to think this could never happen to me. So, this actually almost did happen to me. I actually had this Dwayne Johnson scam pop up on my feed on Facebook. And it looks like a legit picture from Dwayne Johnson's Facebook site. It has a picture of him. It has all this cash. The catch is you have to send in some money to win these things. Or, you have to set up an account and hand over your personal information to these scammers. So, you should never have to send in money. You should never have to give over personal information to win something," Johnson explained. 

We wanted to know, with how advanced computers, laptops and mobile devices are, should we still purchase extra security software? Johnson said yes, you should. 

"Absolutely. That's an important layer of protection to have online. And another thing you can do with that protection is to set up automatic reboots so that it automatically renews when it's time and updates," Johnson said

To learn more about cyber security from the Better Business Bureau, or if you want to file a complaint with the agency, click here. 

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