Eugene veteran fights to keep his home

A Eugene couple is caught in a legal battle between banks who believe they own their mortgage loan.

Posted: Mar 21, 2018 5:12 PM

EUGENE, Ore. - Chris and Linda Ulino have been fighting a battle with banks that claim to own their mortgage loan for four years now. Even though they've never missed a payment, they said they're facing the possibility of losing their home.

The couple has asked KEZI to leave out the names of the banks to avoid trouble with the legal proceedings they're still undergoing.

In 2014, the Ulinos said they received a letter from a bank they'd never heard of telling them they owed them a significant amount of money for their mortgage loan, but as far as the couple knew, the loan didn't belong to that bank. They said the bank continued to demand money, and it even caused problems with the VA, who backs their loan, asking why they weren't paying. They were forced to hire a lawyer.

The couple said they drained Chris' 401K hiring that lawyer, and in the end, they didn't have the money to continue the fight. They never paid a cent to the bank demanding money.

They said the ordeal cost them in every way imaginable. There was a lien put on their house, there was a chunk taken out of their credit score, they had no money left to fight, and they lost all hope.

"It has been a seriously long road. We almost got divorced over it. It's--caused anxiety--super anxiety. It seems like we've been prisoners in our home," said Chris Ulino.

Finally, they said their original bank, who did own their loan, took the bank that was costing them everything to court. In August of 2017, their bank won the case, and they celebrated because they thought it was over. It wasn't more than a couple months before the cycle began again.

The Ulino's said the bank that had caused all the chaos sold their mortgage loan, which they never had, to another bank. This new bank began harassing the couple in the same way. They said they had gone through immense trouble to have their credit report corrected, and once again it had been taken down around 200 points by this new bank. Their credit report now even says their house is in the process of being foreclosed. 

"Losing sleep, anxiety, it's unreal. You don't know if you're going to wake up tomorrow and the sheriff's departments going to be out there telling you to vacate your home, and yet you didn't do anything wrong," said Chris.

Chris and Linda Ulino said they don't know what else to do, and they feel like they can't move on. They want to find someone to help them move these proceedings along so that they can begin to live a normal life again.

"Chris was in the process of buying a truck when this all began, now I couldn't even buy a cardboard box if I wanted to," said Linda Ulino.

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