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New OSU policy requires students to self report felonies

The policy requires students to self-report any prior felonies or sex offender status.

Posted: Feb 16, 2018 4:32 PM
Updated: Feb 16, 2018 6:18 PM

CORVALLIS, Ore, -- Oregon State University will be implementing a new enrollment policy beginning in the fall of 2018, to help make campus safer.

The policy will require all students to disclose any prior felony convictions and registered sex offender status.

In a letter from Edward J. Ray, the university's president, he said the "the purpose of this self-disclosure policy is not to prevent students with these histories from enrolling, but rather to support the safety of the OSU community, and to support these students' success as they progress through their education onto graduation."

Last year, it was discovered that OSU baseball pitcher Luke Heimlich is a sex offender who had molested a six-year-old female relative when he was a teen. After the incident, a task force to review the policies was put in place. 

"We think what we really realized over the last seven months is that we could improve efforts that we had even taken before," Steve Clark, OSU Vice President said. 

Clark said the timing coincides with the discovery, but it is not the reason for the changes. He said the university has taken steps to ensure safety on campus for years, and the timing for this policy was right. 

"Really the interesting thing about this is, this isn't as I've said before about baseball, it's not about our public image," Clark said. "It's about doing the right thing for people in America who have the right to be rehabilitated, and for our community and students for safety reasons."

Clark said the university will use the information students provide to help support them. It will also determine if they need any restrictions on where on campus they can live or what programs they can be involved in. 

Additionally, Clark said students on campus are already required to disclose if they are a sex offender or if they have committed certain crimes. This new policy expands that and requires them to disclose all prior felonies.

You can read the full letter OSU President Edward J. Ray released below

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