Parenting & Pregnancy: Women's Care midwives provide more natural care

Each has a style, so finding what’s best for you helps shape the experience.

Posted: Mar 5, 2020 4:57 PM
Updated: May 3, 2021 11:05 AM

EUGENE, Ore. – For parents-to-be, there are many options when it comes to choosing their birth plans.

Each has a style, so finding what’s best for you helps shape the experience.

In this month’s Parenting & Pregnancy, chief meteorologist Marisa Woloszyn gives us a look at the midwives at Women’s Care.

“Midwifery is a pretty comprehensive women’s healthcare model and approach to the reproductive health span of women,” said certified nurse midwife Madeleine Katz.

Katz is one of two midwives at Women’s Care, and the list of their responsibilities is lengthy. She provides prenatal, labor and delivery and gynecological care to patients looking for a more natural, less clinical approach.

“So the midwife model mostly focuses on supporting and facilitating physiological birth processes as well as psychological approaches to puberty, menopause, as well as the pregnancy process,” she said.

Women’s Care started the midwife services at PeaceHealth’s RiverBend Hospital following the closure of the birth center in August.

Danielle Lauch is expecting her third child and is expecting a similar experience this time around.

“Well this is my third baby, and I had my previous two through the birth center, and I went that route originally because I like the idea of a birth that had fewer interventions and a pregnancy that had fewer interventions, and I felt like my opinions were listened to and supported,” she said.

Interventions include breaking a mother’s water or starting Pitocin to trigger labor. And although these are common practices, midwives take a more hands-off approach.

“In labor, midwives provide care that incorporates pain management options that could include natural child birth, all the way to epidural,” Katz said. “But we try to minimize interventions. If labor is progressing normally, then we try not to intervene with that process.”

Katz said there is more of a team approach because the midwives are associated with Women’s Care.

Transfer of care and collaboration is much easier because there is more trust between the patients and midwives and the nurses and doctors if needed.

Next month, in parenting and pregnancy, we will focus on how staying active during pregnancy is important.

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