West Eugene boxer lets gloves do his talking

One 11 year old West Eugene Boxer has his sights set on winning major competitions.

Posted: Jul 1, 2018 2:07 PM
Updated: Jul 2, 2018 9:54 AM

Eugene, Ore. -- The West Eugene Boxing Club attracts athletes from all walks of life and of all ages. But Coach Myron Johnson has one particular boxer who may be on his way to something special.

"He's quiet but man he's intense when he gets in there. I mean the older kids nicknamed him savage because they all come watch him. He's a totally different person when he goes in there."

11 year old Brady Kierstead speaks softly and seldomly but carries a big set of gloves. What's the part about boxing he likes the most?

"Winning," Kierstead says.

Under the tutelage of West Eugene Boxing Club Coach Myron Johnson, Kierstead qualified for the U.S. Junior Olympic National Championships.

"It brings out that fire out in me because I see somebody that really wants something real bad and they work at it," explains Coach Johnson.

"The two of them bonded really quick and I just asked him one day...we were driving," Brady's father Scott recalls. "And he doesn't really ever...he just does what he does and I said hey did you wanna switch over to Myron and he said yes and I just brought him over there and it's been the same ever since."

While Brady has coach Myron in the ring...his father Scott is never too far away.

"He's very attached to his Dad" Johnson describes. "I mean very close." 

"My Dad always told me you'll be more nervous watching the kids play and I didn't believe him," Scott jokes. "He's calm as can be when he finally gets in the ring and I'm a wreck." 

But as Brady's burgeoning boxing career gets more intense, Scott says the future is in Brady's hands alone.

"He could quit tomorrow I don't want to push him into doing it," Brady's Dad explains. "I just come and work out now. I stay out of the way I let him go with Myron. I just tell him he's got a lot of talent, he's got four coaches. He had pro fighters come up to him after his fight in Missouri and say to him you've gotta keep this going. You can do this. So he took a lot from that...a lot from that experience."

On whether he thinks he can be  no. 1 boxer one day, Brady's response is simple: "Yes," he says.

Brady doesn't say much, but he doesn't need to do. He lets the gloves do the talking for him. Kierstead fell in a decision at U.S. Junior Olympic Nationals to one of the two eventual bantam weight finalists, but the 11 year old still has a whole lot of matches left in him.

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