Your Voice, Your Vote: Measure 20-290 - STAR Voting

The system is called STAR voting, which stands for Score Then Automatic Runoff.

Posted: Nov 2, 2018 6:41 PM
Updated: Nov 6, 2018 11:02 PM

UPDATE: Lane County voters said "no" to STAR voting in Tuesday's election.

As of 10 p.m. 53 percent of people voted against the measure, which would have changed the way people vote in nonpartisan county races.

The Score Then Automatic Runoff system got 47 percent of the vote.


EUGENE, Ore. -- A new way to vote could be in Lane County's future, if voters approve Measure 20-290 this coming election.

The system is called STAR voting, which stands for Score Then Automatic Runoff.

If passed, voters would rate all candidates from zero to five, with zero being for candidates you like the least and five being for candidates you really like.

"Number one, we're giving voters greater ability to express their views on different candidates," said Alan Zundel, co-petitioner of the measure. "Number two, make sure there's a majority winner."

This form of voting, if passed, would be used in the county's non-partisan races such as for county commissioners or the sheriff.

Zundel said voters can score as many or as few candidates as they'd like and can even give the same rating to more than one candidate.

Elections officials add up the scores for each candidate from all the ballots, and the two with the highest total advance to an automatic runoff.

In the automatic runoff, officials look at the ballots and compare the top two candidates' ratings. For each ballot, the candidate who was rated higher than the other receives a vote. For ballots where the top two candidates received the same score, no vote is counted.

After all ballots are counted, the person with the most votes wins the race.

Zundel said this new form of voting would be different than the way we currently vote for county-elected offices.

"It would eliminate the primary because right now, you have a primary as process of elimination to get the top two or sometimes only the top one candidate in November," he said. "A lot of people are going to vote for county commissioner this November, voting right now, and find there's only one candidate on the ballot and wonder why. That's because of the system we have in place now."

Zundel said this new system would get rid of splitting votes.

"People often feel like, 'Well, I like this one, but this one seems to have more money so has a better chance of winning, so maybe
I should vote for them because the other one doesn't have as good a chance.' So it eliminates all that," he said. "You can say what you want on as many candidates as you want and still the process comes out with the candidate who has broad high support from the majority of voters."

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