Driver hits and runs over a Northeast Portland woman

Driver hits and runs over a Northeast Portland woman

Posted: Fri Dec 22 18:13:33 PST 2017
Updated: Fri Dec 22 18:13:34 PST 2017

Speech to Text for Driver hits and runs over a Northeast Portland woman

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caught on camera! a woman is hit and run over by a van... while crossing the street. katherine cook spoke with the victim's brother -- who says he saw the whole thing. but first a warning... some may find this video disturbing. 4:52 i can't even find the words for it. sickening. jason karambelas is desperate to find the person... who ran over his sister, thursday morning. 3:24 just terrible thing to do to somebody, it's cowardous, it's one of the worst things i've ever seen and i've seen a lot of messed up stuff. it was just before nine. 27 year old vanessa karambelas walked from her house on ne cully and shaver ... to the bison coffee shop across the street. 17:02 vanessa comes in every day and gets coffee for herself and for her father. moments later, owner, loretta guzman heard the commotion as vanessa went back across cully. 6:58 she was right there, laying there in a pool of blood man. jason... saw the whole thing... so did security cameras. 00:28 i looked out the window and she was standing in front of the car and next thing i know, he ran her over. the rest of video is too graphic to show... but you can see the driver of the purple van turn the wheels... before what happens next. 7:44 he intentionally hit her and turned into her and made sure she got ran over. frantic... jason ran outside to help. 1:22 i did what wasn't real smart... i just couldn't help myself, i scooped her up and carried her inside. she's tiny, she only weighs 80 pounds. 00:55 my buddy chased him on foot there's no plates on the car and he ended up getting away. paramedics rushed vanessa to the hospital... where she's in critical condition. loretta 19:20 i just hope she's okay. jason 4:38 seems like it was attempted murder to me! the purple van didn't have license plates... but jason believes someone out there... knows something. 10:06 even if it's your best friend, they need to face the music. or if you're watching this, turn yourself in, bro. portland police are looking for any tips that will lead them to that driver. for now -- vanessa's family has set up a go-fund me to help with medical bills.
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