Roseburg V.A. responds to negative report on patient care

Roseburg V.A. responds to negative report on patient care

Posted: Tue Jan 02 19:38:17 PST 2018
Updated: Tue Jan 02 19:38:17 PST 2018

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late breaking, this is kezi 9 news at 6" we start tonight in roseburg... and the continuing controversy over the department of veterans affairs. tonight... the roseburg v-a medical center is on the defense after a bombshell report in the new york times. thanks for joining us. i'm matt templeman. renee mccullough has the evening off. kezi 9 news anchor bob schaper joins us live in the studio tonight with details on the report and how officials are responding. bob? matt -- the new york times published its article yesterday. the report claims that the hospital limits the number of patients it admits so that it can boost its quality of care rating. the idea... according to the newspaper... is that the fewer patients admitted to the hospital.... the fewer chances of bad outcomes. that in turn would lead to better ratings. the higher the ratings... the more bonus money that officials make. we reached out to the roseburg v-a for a response to this report. a spokesperson says quote "the new york times story is false." she says the roseburg v-a is has a one-star facility
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