New smart parking meters being installed in downtown Eugene

Meters will connect with the Park Smarter app as well as offer mobile, credit card, and coin payment options.

Posted: Mon Jan 08 18:24:50 PST 2018
Updated: Mon Jan 08 18:24:50 PST 2018

Speech to Text for New smart parking meters being installed in downtown Eugene

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at the harvard exit in roseburg will be closed. changes are coming to downtown eugene. the free two hour parking spots will soon be a thing of the past. replaced with smart parking meters. the new meters will allow you to pay for parking in a number of ways -- including apps on your smartphone. kezi nine news reporter brady wakayama is live in the studio with more on the new meters. brady. matt, renee -- i spoke with the parking manager with the city of eugene. he says he's excited for the new smart parking meters. he says they're more advanced than meters you'll find in cities like seattle and portland. changes are underway in downtown eugene... the city is installing new smart parking meters that will hopefully make it easier for you to park. "probably the country's most advanced parking system downtown to mirror what's happening with our technology industry downtown. so the ability to pay multiple ways, the ability to have occupancy sensors, so as you come downtown you'll be able to look on google maps or on your in car dashboard to see what parking spaces are open." jeff petry -- the parking manager for the city of eugene says staff will be installing 280 new smart parking meters throughout the week. they'll be replacing the two-hour parking spaces found on a 12-square block area of downtown. the new meters will be installed from 11th avenue to 7th -- and willamette street to lincoln street. petry says the new meters will hopefully improve business downtown. "working with the downtown businesses and city council this last help the businesses get more customers in the other stores and create more turnover on the on-street spaces that are highest demand. the parking meter is the most efficient way to make that happen." some drivers in eugene are excited for change... others are uncertain.... "you can just find a new parking spot and it's quicker and easier tahn looking for change or trying to do with a card, you can just do it with your phone and keep walking." //stitch// "like i said it just porbably will uhh.. kind of sucks cause of the two hour parking is going to be gone and end up paying for parking now." but paying for parking will be easier -- the new meters will take more than coins. the city of eugene says they will accept cards.. google pay... apple pay and more. crews plan on installing all the parking meters by the end of the week. live in the studio brady wakayama
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