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Homeless population reacts to 9th circuit ruling

KEZI 9 News spoke to homeless people in Eugene who said they've noticed police officers and city officials backing off recently.

Posted: Mon Sep 10 19:02:02 PDT 2018
Updated: Mon Sep 10 19:02:02 PDT 2018

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newsroom. madison? matt, renee? homeless people i spoke with say they've noticed a change in attitude from eugene police. they say recently? they can make it through a night without being asked to leave. sot "i don't think i'm gonna change." don jordan calls a camp by the washington? jefferson skate park home. after thirty years on the streets? he's seen people being kicked out and fined. but recently? he says he's noticed a change. sot "they didn't mess with me you know give me a ticket, you know all the normal crap." last week jordan says he was approached by city officials who told him to get out or they would get rid of his stuff. but as of monday? he and his belongings haven't gone anywhere. sot don jordan, homeless man says "i came back thursday night...just doing the same thing you know. thank god that the city hasn't screwed with us, you know. i figured it's you know, out of sight. we're not really in view of everyone so." closer to downtown... a man who refers to himself as "jesus" says he's been fined multiple times in the past and has spent sleepless nights on the streets with officers asking him to leave. he said recently things have been different. sot, jesus christ "sitting, on sleeping on public property. they haven't really come by and wake us up and write us tickets which is pretty nice." in eugene it is illegal to camp on the streets and in parks. but it's an infraction not a misdemeanor? with a fine of up to ?hundred dollars. captain sam kamkar with eugene police says there's a lack of officers and dispatchers? so they don't always have the time or resources to address issues like this. but he says they have been trying to take a more postive approch when dealing with homeless people. reporting live in the newsroom, madison
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