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In The Garden: Grass that don't require mowing

The grasses are decorative and put out plumes that change color during the season.

Posted: Wed Sep 12 08:31:34 PDT 2018
Updated: Wed Sep 12 08:31:41 PDT 2018

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in the 70s. ((adlib wrap)) you can either mow the grass or you can plant grass that doesn't mowing at all. as kezi 9 news anchor sean cuellar shows us? this week's "in the garden" is all about tall grasses. sean cuellar says, "grass. it's not just for the lawn or for walking on, grass is for decorating. caleb johnson with johnson brothers market. you have two of your favorite grasses here today." caleb johnson, johnson brothers greenhouses says, "yeah, i do. i've got the maiden grass which are these two and this one and also karl foerester, which are two of my favorite types of grasses." sean cuellar says, "exactly what makes these so special?" caleb johnson, johnson brothers greenhouses says, "well, one is they are very easy to grow adn they don't really have any pests or disease and the deer don't like them either." sean cuellar says, "and i like the tops, too. they have like feathers." caleb johnson, johnson brothers greenhouses says, "this one hasn't done it yet but both send out their little flower plumes, which start out kind of bright and then fade to a nice tan look for the fall. so very decorative and ornamental as well." sean cuellar says, "and in terms of maintenance." caleb johnson, johnson brothers greenhouses says, "you don't really have to do a lot to them. every year in the late fall, like november, once the grass is faded and it's time, you can cut them back down to the base and they'll come back the next year. you can also in early spring. or the fall, you can dig them up and actually divide them and create new little grasses in lyour yard. sean cuellar says, "which is great, you get a free plant, you get free plants out of these by dividing them, not that i'm trying to take you or anything, but
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