Protesters demand Lane County Sheriff's Office stop assisting ICE

Sheriff Trapp told KEZI 9 News that he believes their policies conform to local, state and federal law.

Posted: Feb 8, 2019 6:26 PM
Updated: Feb 8, 2019 6:26 PM

Speech to Text for Protesters demand Lane County Sheriff's Office stop assisting ICE

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u?t?date developments later in the show. the lane county sheriff is standing by his policy of assisting immigration and customs enforcement... commonly known as "ice." this even as protesters take to the street and claim what he's doing violates state law. kezi 9 news reporter michael chynna? the protest comes after this letter signed by over a dozen local and state groups was sent to sheriff byron trapp. they demand that he stops helping ice? saying that what he's doing is illegal. nat: show me what community look like? this is what the community looks like. outside the lane county courthouse on friday afternoon? over a dozen protesters made their voices heard by chanting and waving signs. they allege that lane county sherrif byron trapp is violating oregon sanctuary laws. sot: it's clear to us and it's clear to lane county voters that the lane county sheriff's office should not be acting as federal immigration enforcement organizers claim that deputies call ice when a person who is in the country illegally is released from jail. they also allege that trapp allows federal agents to enter the jail through the back door so they can easily make arrests. organizers tell me they feel they're being racially profiled. sot: just because we look a certain way doesn't mean that we don't deserve protection like anyone else. stand up: but sheriff trap tells me that he's confident their policies conform with state local and federal law. sot: the access that ice has to the lane county jail isn't unique it's the same as all law enforcement. trapp says there isn't even a back door for ice to get i reached out to the ???u of oregon who signed this letter. they tell me while right now they're just asking the sheriff to change his polices.. they
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