Eugene Police Department unveils Street Crimes Unit

Skinner said the team will stay on top of robberies, burglaries, property crimes and some violent crimes.

Posted: Mar. 13, 2019 6:23 PM
Updated: Mar. 13, 2019 6:23 PM

Speech to Text for Eugene Police Department unveils Street Crimes Unit

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was hurt during this whole ordeal. and our team coverage continues now... with a major new effort to fight crime --- block by city block. i first told you about the five- person street team back in november... in my special report, requesting backup. now kezi 9 news reporter madison glassman speaks with eugene's new police chief --- along with community members --- to find out what sot, chris skinner says: "we get rashes of robberies or burglaries this team is gonna be on it...we have problem area with problem houses like you have over my left shoulder...this team is gonna be on it." chief chris skinner is reffering to this home on the 200 block of willona drive. sot, skinner says, "since 2010, we've been getting complaints over 93 calls for service at this house over the last year of 2018, we had 46 calls for service here." those calls won't be coming anymore...skinner says they shut the house down last night. the goal for the new street crimes unit is to shut down more homes like it. sot, "it gives us an opportunity to have a dedicated work fore to have us get out and solve these problems in these neighborhoods." on cam: "skinner says patrol is the backbone of the department and right now sure their staffing levels are what they need to be in order to move officers out of patrol and onto the new team. but & skinner they're in a good place." sot, "right now -- we're just having a tremoundous amount of luck with recruitment. i've got 12 in the academy now...i'm expected to make job offers to 15 to 17 officers in april so we're really excited about the momentum the eugene police department has right now." community members seem to be feeling the momentum too. sot, "maybe the get people like this moving on down the road. go south or north on i-5 but if w ecan get on it quicker, maybe we'll stifile it quicker." sot: "i think it'll clean up the downtown area which is important so people can come shop again here." skinner says the funding for the new unit comes from a 8 point 6 million investment that the city council approved last year. the funding will last for the next year and a half. after that... the city hopes to raise more funds through possible tax increases. the reason? sot: "so we can answer more calls for service. we can shorten our response times and we can create a capacity with our
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